Connect Any Data Source
  • Supports Relational, NoSQL, Big Data and API data sources
  • Create as many data sources as you want
  • Quickly import CSV/Excel data and start exploring
  • Get data from underlying data source using the language you are familiar with such as SQL, Mongo DB syntax or ElasticSearch query
  • Query, Join and Transform data from multiple data sources using a high level Scripting Language
  • Add dynamic parameters to your Data API's
  • Interpret data in seconds with simple, powerful Dashboards and Visualizations
  • Add custom filters and drill down capabilities
  • Customize the look at feel of your visualizations using tools that you are familiar with such as HTML and CSS
  • Integrate your favourite Charting Library
  • Create and share your insights using sharable links

Embed Anywhere

  • Easily embed charts or dashboards in your website, portal or application
  • White label or OEM some or all of InAppBI into your product
  • Build analytical applications and sell it to your partners and customers
Push Data Insights
  • Proactively push smart intelligence when it matters
  • Easily add complex business rules for sending alerts using our scripting engine
  • Send notification alerts via email, SMS etc.
Predictive Analytics
  • Predict business trends by easily visualizing and embedding machine learning outputs from Amazon ML, Azure ML etc
  • Easily create and embed forms in your application which query visualize machine learning model outputs
**Coming Soon
Adhoc Query
  • Provide easy drag and drop interface for your Business Users
  • Create complex data models from your underlying data source in simple JSON format
  • Embed ad-hoc query editor within your application
Collaborate and Share
  • Collaborate with members of your team to discuss analysis right within the context of a visualization/dashboard
  • Easily share links for dashboards/visualizations/data API’s
  • Share your analysis via email
  • On premise deployment for applications concerned with moving data to cloud/hosted provider
  • Integrate with your application security and provide fine grain authorization at resource level
  • Directly query data silos without having to transfer and stage data ending up compromising your data
  • All data is transmitted or received over secure SSL channel
Enterprise Ready
  • Deploy quickly on cloud OR on premise behind your Firewall where you have total control on your data
  • Available as dedicated server that's only for you. You'll never have to share infrastructure or performance
  • Different levels of support are available to meet the need and response time that best suits your organization.
Cloud Ready
  • Easily deploy InAppBI in AWS, Azure or Google cloud