Embedded Business Intelligence
  • Focus on building your core business and leave any analytics to us
  • Build analytic applications and sell it to your partners and customers.
  • White label or OEM some or all of InAppBI into your product
Turn the data you are already collecting into a value add for your customers
Speed to market - get data and analytics to your customers quickly
Extend your product with charts, dashboards, adhoc query and more
Easy to deploy and deliver custom content
Seamless Embedding

Seamless Embedding

Embed visualizations in your application, portal, SAAS product, article, blog or nearly anywhere. Watch your data and content go viral.

Pixel-Perfect Styling

Adjust the style, provide filters and dropdowns for your dashboards and visualizations to convey just the right message. Play around with style variations to get just the right visual.

Public and Private Sharing

Publish and share your data visualizations safely and securely. Share your data-driven insights with just your colleagues or the world.
The InAppBI Advantage

Easy to Learn

Great tutorials and documentation, and a gallery of amazing example visualizations.

Sync Your Data

InAppBI connects to the places where your data already lives, so your analysis is always up-to-date.


Fine grain authorization control to any resource whether it be a dashboard, visualization, data source or a data api.


Smart, flexible controls to share and manage datasets, connections and visualizations.

Powerful APIs

The perfect engine for building analytical applications. Get more out of your data with our APIs.

Amazing Support

Our customer success experts are here to help. Receive 5 star care for your solution.