The easiest way for applications to add

Data Analytics


Does your application provide Business Intelligence ?

Adding InAppBI will help to

Differentiate your Application

Increase customer engagement and satisfaction for your application. Differentiate your product from the competition by adding powerful data analytics capabilities

Reduce Time
To Market

Don't waste your precious resources in building tools for analytics. Our out of the box solution provides you a powerful set of analytics capabilities to your users

Harness the Power of Data

Let your users harness the power of data captured by your application. InAppBI will help them to extract actionable insights using the data captured in your application and improve your proposition.

Features Rich Functionalities at your Fingertips

Powerful Analytics Made Simple

Using our Drag and Drop Interface users can quickly analyze your application data. No need to be familiar with SQL or any programming language. They can go from data to insights in minutes.


Build Impressive Dashboards

Dashboards are a great way to provide your application insights and KPIs, making them stand apart from the competition. Provide out of the box Dashboards or let your users build their Dashboards

Customize to your needs

InAppBI integrates with your application security and lets you build custom data models. Control what data is visible and how your users consume it.

Cloud Designed to integrate well with SaaS Applications.
Server Supports both Single Tenant database architecture or Multi Tenant single database architecture.

Works With Your Data

No need to invest in proprietary data storage. InAppBI works with your data wherever it resides.

No heavyweight transformation required.
Add your custom business logic on the fly.

Organize and Share

Easy to create visualizations and even more fun to share. Your users can organize visualizations created or keep them private. Our highly configurable security model can handle it all.



Most Affordable and Feature rich solution. Starting at $299/month

Cloud Based

Let us securely manage and scale as you focus on your business needs.

Download & Run

On-premise deployment for applications concerned with moving data to cloud/ hosted provider.